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Health Services

Patient Safety Group

The group focuses on two patient safety areas, infection prevention and control and mental health: resuscitation, medication safety and patient safety policy.

The work on infection prevention and control is widely cited in the academic literature, and professional guidance, for example, The World Health Organization Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care and Their Consensus Recommendations. A paper by Gould, Drey and Creedon Routine hand hygiene audit by direct observation: has nemesis arrived was selected as the best review in the Journal of Hospital Infection in 2011.

The group's patient safety focused The Never Events policy framework has an expanded list of events to avoid and is being deployed nationally.


PhD Students

  • Nicolas Castle
  • Sile Creedon
  • Dave Flinton
  • Karen Harrold
  • Annette Jeanes
  • Catherine Walsh
  • Soph Willis


2012 Patient experience of MRSA screening. Drey N City University London Pump Priming. £3,600

2010-2012. Research explores how healthcare managers make sense and use evidence when adopting and implementing new technologies to help fight hospital infections. Robust comparative case studies in nine Hospital NHS Trusts across England - innovations from technology (coated catheters) to service design (temporary isolation facilities). Kyratsis Yiannis. (NIHR HSDR £284,000

2009-2010. Researching the adoption, procurement and implementation of innovative technologies to help combat Health Care Associated Infections by 12 NHS Trusts across all ten Strategic Health Authorities in England. Kyratsis Yiannis Department of Health - NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency £100,000



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