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Human-Computer Interaction Design

HCID students

Renato FillinichWhen I decided to move to London to study an MSc in human-computer interaction I did some research on-line and decided for the HCS course at City University, which seemed to offer a good balance between practice and theory, and the flexibility I needed to work while studying. After completing it, I have to admit that the course exceeded my expectations, providing more than just technical knowledge. The passion with which the professors deliver the lectures is one of the strong points of the course, and the access to the Interaction Lab is definitely a bonus.

The most valuable aspect to me were the tight connections the teaching staff has with the industry, which allowed me to meet many interesting like-minded people and gave me the opportunity to find an internship in a well known UX agency, where I'm currently working as a UX consultant.

Renato Fillinich, former HCS student and UX Consultant at Fluent Interactive

Having spent 3 years working in UX I undertook the MSc to give me greater depth in underlying theories behind interaction design, cognitive science, and data visualisation, and also increase my breadth on different approaches to evaluating interactive systems and services.

I was introduced to topics and areas which definitely meant that I was able to achieve this goal that I had set out before embarking on the MSc, and firmly believe it has helped me to accelerate my career.

I would recommend this MSc to anyone looking to break into UX - the teaching is excellent, as are the links into industry, and I know of many graduates who get into UX-related positions very soon after after graduation due to the industry links and reputation that HCID has within the wider UX community. This is also a course that offers considerable value to those already working in UX who seek to take their understanding and practice to the next level.

Rajiv Arjan, former HCS student and User Research Assistant at Google

I chose City University because I wanted to study at a London-based university with good reputation and links to industry. The biggest draw for me, however, was the fact that City University offered the option of undertaking an internship as part of the MSc.

The best thing about the MSc in HCS programme was the variety of content that it offers. Furthermore, the practical coursework gave me an opportunity to apply the knowledge I acquired to 'real world' problems.

I had some knowledge of UX before starting the course but the HCS programme made me realise just how much I didn't know! The programme helped me fill in the gaps in my knowledge and gave me the confidence to pursue a career in UX.

Shiona Webster, former HCS student and Senior UX Consultant at Accenture Experience Consultancy