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Human-Computer Interaction Design

Usability of 3D Virtual Worlds

"Investigating Usability Issues of 3D Virtual Worlds with Eye Tracking"

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Dr Jim Ang
Total funding: £ 5,000
Funding source:City University London, internal fund
Duration: 1 year

Project description

The project aims to use established Human Computer Interaction (HCI) methodologies to study how the usability of 3D Virtual Worlds affects their use. For this exploratory study, the focus will be on Second Life (SL).

Two methods will be employed:

Usability testing: a formal usability testing of SL will be conducted to gain a deep understanding of the usability problems users might encounter.

Eye tracking: used as a proxy for users' attention and the eye movement data gathered helps to understand where users focus attention, and in what order before they make a selection in their interactions with computer interfaces.