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Human-Computer Interaction Design


"User Interfaces, Social Software Technologies and Learning Experience"

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Dr Panayiotis Zaphiris
Co-investigator: Stephanie Wilson
Research Assistant: Russ Sese
Total funding: £13,215
Funding source: JISC/EMERGE
Duration: 1 year

Project description

This project investigated the use of eye-tracking for exploring usability and learner experience issues in collaborative learning environments. Through a case study of a personal learning environment, we demonstrated the value of heat maps, gaze plots and gaze replays in helping to identify usability concerns and developed an approach for using heat maps, fixation before and fixation count metrics to investigate the learner's experience of interacting with the learning environment.
UISSTLE was funded by the EMERGE Community of Practice through the JISC Users and Innovations programme. The work will be extended to MUVEs in a new Benefits Realisation project, also funded by JISC.