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Human-Computer Interaction Design


Service-Centric Systems Engineering

Staff and funding

Principal investigators: Prof Neil Maiden and George Spanoudakis (Computing)
Co-Investigator: Andrea Zisman (Computing)
Research Staff: Xiaohong Zhu, Dr Konstantinos Zachos, Rhydian Howell-Morris.
Total funding: € 8,800,000
Funding to the Centre and Department: € 775,000
Funding source: EU Framework VI Integrated Project
Duration: 4 years

Project description

The primary goal of the SeCSE project is to create methods, tools and techniques for systems integrators and service providers to support the cost-effective development and use of dependable services and service-centric applications. The project brings together IT companies, developers and research labs and is driven by the emerging needs in the automotive and telecommunications industries.

Technically, SeCSE focuses on four areas for the engineering of sw systems: specification, discovery, design, and management of services for which new techniques and tools will be delivered. These tools and techniques will be integrated to provide a SeCSE development environment and, based on visionary scenarios from application partners, domain-specific adaptations.


Research in the Centre and City's Department of Computing will build on its existing requirements engineering research to deliver prototype new processes, techniques and tools for discovering services that comply with stakeholder and system requirements. Our ART-SCENE environment for scenario-driven requirements discovery will be extended to retrieve and present candidate services. Innovative research tools will be developed to encourage designers to think creatively about future systems in the presence of existing services. Large-scale evaluations of these prototypes are planned in the automotive and telecommunications domains.

Project collaborators