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Human-Computer Interaction Design


"Software Services & Systems Network"

Staff and funding

Principal investigators: Prof Neil Maiden and Prof George Spanoudakis (Computing)
Co-Investigator: Andrea Zisman (Computing)
Research Staff: Angela Kounkou and Dr Kos Zachos
Total funding: € 870,000
Funding to the Centre and Department: £ 440000                                         Funding source: EU Framework VII
Duration: 4 years

Project description

The primary goal of the S-CUBE project is to establish an integrated, multidisciplinary, vibrant research community which will enable Europe to lead the software-services revolution, thereby helping shape the software-service based Internet which is a backbone of our future interactive society.

The Centre's role is to identify and codify HCI knowledge and use this codified knowledge to deliver service-based systems that are sensitive to user and task characteristics and the wider social context of these users and tasks. Results will include refinement of service discovery queries, rules for service composition, and new policies for service monitoring. Dynamic adaptation of service-based applications will be tempered with research and guidelines for end-user customization of these systems.

Project collaborators