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Human-Computer Interaction Design


Staff and funding

Principal investigators: Dr Bill Karakostas

Total funding: € 2,800,000
Funding to the Centre: € 255,000
Funding source: IST of EU Framework VI
Duration: September 2004 to August 2006

Project description

The project aims to develop an integrated architecture and a mobile applications suite for advanced services, to assist mobile teams of safety/security and emergency workers in crisis management and response through the first moments during a natural or man-made disaster situation.

The system will comprise of peer-to-peer workflow management models integrated with location and presence services operating transparently on any (surviving the disaster) wide area and local wireless networks, running on off-the-self state-of-the-art mobile phones utilizing sophisticated, appropriately extended operating systems by Symbian who is a partner in the consortium.

Two major organizations have been selected to provide test-sites for simulated real life situations used for testing and evaluation of the platform, one is the Athens International Airport and the second is the network of power distribution stations of the National Power Distribution Company, Transelectrica in Romania.


City's role in the project will be to design and prototype a workflow management environment that will incorporate location and presense services.

Project collaborators