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Human-Computer Interaction Design


"Reflective Learning at Work"

Staff and funding

Principal investigators: Prof Neil Maiden and Dr Sara Jones
Research Staff: Dr Konstantinos Zachos and Inger Kristine Karlsen Pitts
Total funding: € 6,450,000
Funding to the Centre: € 529,932
Funding source: EU Framework VII Integrated Project
Duration: 4 years

Project description

The objective of the EU-funded MIRROR Integrated Project is to empower and engage professional employees when reflecting on their performance and experiences at work, so that they can learn more quickly and solve work-related problems more creatively. To do this the project will aim to help employees to increase their level and breadth of work-related experiences based on collaboration about the experiences of other employees. The project will deliver a set of integrated smart applications that will support employees to record, share, learn from previous work experience, and solve new problems creatively within a learning-oriented environment. The applications will be designed for and evaluated in problem domains ranging from care homes for people with dementia to contract negotiation support in business environments.

Research and development at City will focus on the relationship between creative problem solving and learning. We will integrate and develop new models of creativity and learning, then use these models to inform development of creativity support applications that actively support learning concurrently during problem solving tasks. The applications will be tailored to two or more problem domains, including support for workers caring for people with dementia.

MIRROR web-site http://www.mirror-project.eu

Project collaborators