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Human-Computer Interaction Design


"INTeractive User Interface and Tools for Information retrieval in a Visual Environment"

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Prof Alistair Sutcliffe (Now at UMIST)
Research staff: Michele Ryan, Ann Doubleday, Jaqui Griffyth, Matt Hare, Ian Bennett, Tim Miller, Trevor Hackett
Funding source: EU

Project description

INTUITIVE was an EU funded research project (p6593) which researched information retrieval user interfaces for multimedia databases from 1992-1995. The project had 3 academic and four industrial partners and City University was technical coordinator for the design phase. Key research directions included specification of support tools for information browsing and retrieval, intelligent dialogue planning and design of a configurable set of services for IR support. Key research achievements were specifications:

- Task analysis of information searching and modelling users' information requirements within task contexts;
- Design of dialogue managers to control of multimodal interaction with speech and query by pointing;
- Database query linking the user interface to one or more multi media databases;
- Browsers with graphical concept maps of information spaces to help user navigation;
- Intelligent assistants for query formulation;
- Intelligent planners for presentation of multimedia output;
- Design and implementation of configurable and reusable user interfaces with information retrieval support services;
- Development of reusable specifications of HCI knowledge.

The research results have been published in several journal and conference papers and the implemented software in C++ on Windows NT platform is available from City University and other partners. The database query support and graphical browsers have been developed into commercial products by CNET and IBERMATICA. Results from this project were also exploited in EU Projects MultimediaBroker and Eurostat. For further information contact Alistair Sutcliffe.

Publications include