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Human-Computer Interaction Design

Information Spaces for Creative Conversations

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Dr Sara Jones

Total funding: £199,983

Funding to the Centre: £64,600

Funding source: JISC e-Learning Curriculum Delivery Programme

Duration: 24 months from 1st November 2008 to 31st October 2010

Project description

This project will address a recurrent problem in design education: that students are sometimes disengaged from key 'creative conversations' and that this problem can be exacerbated by learning technologies present in the classroom or the students' wider networked world. The project will deploy trial 'information spaces' that will provide learners with the appropriate artefacts and modes of interacting with a learning situation, and with their peers and tutors, to enable them to engage more flexibly and effectively in conversations characterised by innovation and reflective, critical thinking. The lead institution is Middlesex University and the Centre is a collaborator. Further information is available from the JISC website.