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Human-Computer Interaction Design


"Innovative BANKing Systems and Solutions"

Staff and funding

Principal investigators: Dr Bill Karakostas
Research Staff: Michael Stamboultzis and Dimitris Panagiotakis
Total funding: € 115,000
Funding to the Centre: € 55,713
Funding source: European Commission
Duration: 18 months 2001-2002

Project description

INBANKSS is a project funded under European Community actions for the promotion of innovation and encouragement of participation of SMEs to RTD and Technology Transfer programmes.

The aims of Inbankss is to promote the participation in the actions of the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Commission of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) operating as suppliers of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the banking and financial service sectors.

In terms of technological sectors involved, Inbankss intends to focus mainly on:

  • Trust and confidence technologies, for instance trust and security building blocks, smart cards, identification and authentication technologies, payment technologies
  • Web design and implementation
  • Technologies for access and distribution channels.

The role of City University in INBANKSS is to provide expertise in state-of-the-art internet banking technologies.

Project collaborators