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Human-Computer Interaction Design


"Scenario-Driven Goal Trade-Off Analysis "

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Prof Neil Maiden

Research staff: Dr Cornelius Ncube

Total funding: £47,000

Funding to the Centre: £19,336

Funding source: DSTL

Duration: September 2002 until February 2003

Project description

This evaluation project with DSTL investigates the effectiveness of structured scenario walkthroughs to provide evidence that will inform complex trade-offs between goals that a system must satisfy. GOMOSCE a process with tool support that integrates 2 of the Centre's research themes - guided scenario walkthroughs with our Scenario Presenter tool and system goal modelling with i* using our REDEPEND tool. We have extended the Scenario Presenter to generate questions about dependencies between and contributions to soft goals modelled in i* using REDEPEND. Stakeholders walk through the scenario and are prompted to consider these dependencies and contributions then record evidence for or against the satisfaction of different soft goals. Evidence is recorded using argumentation structures that extend the i* models The project uses the ACCS (Airborne Command and Control System) as a demonstration example. Walkthroughs with ACCS system stakeholders were undertaken to demonstrate GOMOSCE's effectiveness.