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Human-Computer Interaction Design

Taking EVA Park into Service: Therapy Case Studies

Staff and Funding

Principal investigator: Jane Marshall (Division of Language and Communication Science)
Co-Investigator: Stephanie Wilson (HCID)
Researchers: Richard Talbot and Niamh Devane
Funder: The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia
Funding: £29,922
Dates: 15th May 2016 – 14th May 2017

DescriptionAvatars chatting in the EVA Park coffee shop

This project is exploring and developing the therapeutic potential of EVA Park, an online virtual world for people with aphasia. We have adapted five different speech and language therapies so that they can be delivered in EVA Park, taking advantage of the features of the virtual world. These include name finding and storytelling therapies. Five people with aphasia are participating in case studies, each receiving one of the adapted therapies.  We will compare their performance across multiple pre -and post therapy measures, and across language functions that are and are not predicted to change.