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Human-Computer Interaction Design


"Multimedia and new Information Technologies"

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Prof Alistair Sutcliffe (Now at UMIST)
Research staff: Uma Patel
Funding source: EU - Framework IV

Project description

Eurostat was a project sponsored by the Central Statistical Office of the European Union which researched design of information browsing and searching services for the EU statistical databases over the WWW from 1995-1997. Key research directions were to investigate the requirements for Web based information searching and browsing interfaces for Eurostat databases, design advanced prototype interfaces and carrying out usability evaluation of the designs.

The project developed novel metaphors for visual user interfaces, a set of prototype information browsers, implemented a Web based demonstrator that also captured requirements feedback over the Internet and carried out evaluation studies. Key results of the research were:

- Requirements specification for Internet access to Eurostat databases;
- Prototype information searching/browsing user interfaces for Web access;
- Demonstrator web site for Eurostat that also included requirements capture/feedback processes;
- Evaluation studies of prototype browser interfaces;

The results were incorporated into Eurostat's re-designed web site and the requirements have fed into development of search services for Eurostat databases. The project results have been published and made available on the Web. For further information contact Alistair Sutcliffe.

Publications include

  • Sutcliffe, A.G. & Patel, U. (in press). Analysing requirements for internet information delivery. To appear in European Journal of Statistics Also as Centre for HCI Design Report ref: HCID/97/2.