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Human-Computer Interaction Design

Creative Stickies

Staff and Funding

Principal Investigators: Prof Neil Maiden and Dr Sara Jones

Research Staff: Bogdan Suvar and Stephan Diederich

Duration: 6 months

Project description

The internally-funded Creative Stickies project is exploring how to implement effective creativity support on multi-user devices such as the Microsoft Surface. Touch technologies such as interactive tabletops and walls offer new opportunities to support and enhance creative activities. To investigate these opportunities the project has implemented a application on a Microsoft Surface that allows stakeholders to sit around a coffee table and discover ideas in a digital environment. The application replicates physical post-it notes and enhances it digitally (see below), is domain-independent and intended to be used with minimum training.

Two formative evaluations have been conducted to explore the effectiveness of the application for collaborative creative thinking. The first compared the performance of the application against a traditional paper-based brainstorming session with a trained facilitator, and revealed barriers to idea generation and sharing. The second explored the effect of removing some of these barriers by increasing private work space during idea generation. We are currently extending the application to support private idea generation on local mobile devices.

Photos and Video