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Human-Computer Interaction Design


"Social Creativity and Learning"

Staff and funding

Principal investigators: Prof Neil Maiden
Research Staff: Dr Konstantinos Zachos and Shiona Webster
Total funding: € 2,899,917.
Funding to the Centre: € 399,207
Funding source: EU Framework VII STREP
Duration: 3 years

Project description

The objective of the EU-funded COLLAGE Project is to design, develop and validate an innovative set of social creativity services that will support the synergistic interlinking of learning processes, resources and systems with social computing services for inspiring learners, social affinity spaces for leveraging expression and exploration, and social game mechanics for supporting social evaluation and appreciation of creative behaviour. The application of these services will be designed for and evaluated in problem domains ranging from creative conceptual design work to ensuring health and safety in car plants.
Research and development at City will focus on the relationship between creativity and learning. We will extend existing cognitive and information processing theories of creativity with elements of individual and group flow, and zones of proximal development for learning. The applications will be tailored to two or more problem domains, including support for workers caring for people with dementia.

Project collaborators

City University London
eXact Learning Solutions
Fiat Sepin
Waag Society