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Human-Computer Interaction Design


"Large Scale Choreographies for the Future Internet

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Prof Neil Maiden

Research Staff: James Lockerbie

Total funding: € 6,384,089

Funding to the Centre: € 348,636.00

Funding source: EU Framework VII Integrated Project

Duration: 3 years

Project Description

The objective of EU-funded CHOReOS Integrated Project is to sustain decentralized service choreographies in the Future Internet. The Future Internet presents new challenges for Internet technologies, as these will be required to support the continuously growing scale of the converging networking world together with new generations of services made available to the broad mass of end users. City will work with partners including Thales, INRIA and The University of L'Aquila, to deliver processes, methods, and tools for software systems that implement and choreograph services in the Ultra Large Scale Future Internet. CHOReOS will assess its vision using scenarios such as a passenger-friendly airport, where difficulties like crisis management rely on a highly flexible and adaptable coordination of services and service providers.

Research at City will focus on how end-users express their requirements on complex systems in order for these systems to adapt automatically to end-user needs. We will build upon results from the SeCSE project to enable domain-expert end-users, rather than requirements analysts, to express functional and quality requirements on services and service-based applications. We will use the i* modelling framework to describe actor goals independent of the behaviours and qualities of systems and services implemented to achieve these goals. The i* approach will then be extended with a broad Quality-of-Service ontology that will enable CHOReOS to match and compare domain expert quality requirements, service qualities and qualities associated with different choreography strategies.

For more information, visit the official CHOReOS website http://www.choreos.eu/

Project collaborators