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Human-Computer Interaction Design

AW - Model project

"Mathematical Modelling of Age Related Differences in Web Browsing"

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Dr Panayiotis Zaphiris

Total funding: £41,317

Funding to the Centre: £26,600

Funding source: EPSRC/SPARC

Duration: 1 year

Project description

How information is categorised, labelled and presented and how navigation is facilitated determines not only whether users will and can find what they need, but also affects user satisfaction and it does influence return visits. One term that is often used to describe the 'process of structuring and organising information so that it is easier for users to find and for owners to maintain' is information architecture. This project will investigate age-related differences in web browsing and will attempt to develop predictive mathematical models that describe them. In addition we envision that our findings will enable us to provide practical recommendations on how information can best be organized on the web