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Human-Computer Interaction Design

3D Virtual World

"A seminar on 3D Virtual World and Social Learning"

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Dr Chee Siang Ang

Collaborators: Dr Panayiotis Zaphiris, Dr David White (Oxford University), Dr. Steven Warburton (King's College), Dr P Edirisingha (University of Leicester

Total funding: £5,000

Project description

The aim of this seminar is to engage academics and practitioners from different disciplines (from within and outside the JISC EMERGE community) to review, discuss and examine social learning and related issues that take place in various types of virtual worlds/MUVE (for example Second Life, Massively Multi-player Online Games, etc).

The outcomes of these seminars will be used to inform future research directions as well as practical use for teaching practitioners in this area. They will generate recommendations for administrators of support groups, educators running online courses in 3D virtual worlds, and entrepreneurs wishing to set up business in virtual worlds.

The project is funded by the EMERGE Community of Practice through the JISC Users and Innovations programme.

Funding source: JISC EMERGE Community of Practice