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Human-Computer Interaction Design

Hansjorg Von Brevern

Contact details


Phone: +44 (0)20 7040 8994

Room: A214 College building


Research student


I joined the Centre for HCI Design 1st February, 2009 as a part-time PhD student. In my job, I am working as a requirements engineer. My research interests are in designing a computer system with adaptive and responsive mechanisms to human behaviour and based on human activity.

Research interests


Key publications

  • Synytsya, K., & von Brevern, H. (2010). Information processing and holistic learning and training in an organization: A systemic-structural activity theoretical approach. In G. Bedny, & K. Karwowski (Eds.), Human-Computer Interaction and Operators Performance: Optimization of work design, Activity Theory approach (pp. 1-23 (tbd)). Taylor & Francis.
  • von Brevern, H., & Synytsya, K. (2006). A Systemic Activity based Approach for holistic Learning & Training Systems. In D. G. Sampson, P. Goodyear (Eds.) Special Issue on Next Generation e-Learning Systems: Intelligent Applications and Smart Design. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 9 (3), 100-111. http://www.ifets.info/issues.php?id=32 & http://www.ifets.info/journals/9_3/9.pdf
  • von Brevern, H. (2004). Cognitive and Logical Rationales for e-Learning Objects. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 7 (4), 2-25. http://ifets.ieee.org/discussions/discuss_may2004.html
  • von Brevern, H. (2005). Support of Cognitive Processes for Corporate Learning and Training. In Synytsya, K. (Ed.) Proceedings of the UNESCO Workshop on Knowledge Society Building for Youth through 21-st Century Technologies, November 21-23, Kiev, Ukraine: International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems, 32-37.
  • von Brevern, H., & Synytsya, K. (2005). Systemic-Structural Theory of Activity: A Model for Holistic Learning Technology Systems. In P. Goodyear, D. G. Sampson, D. J.-T. Yang, Kinshuk, T. Okamoto, R. Hartley, and N.-S. Chen (Eds.) Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2005), July 5-8, 2005, Kaohsiung, Taiwan R.O.C.: IEEE Computer Society Press, 745-749.
  • von Brevern, H. (2004). Context Aware e-Learning Objects and their Types from the Perspective of the Object-Oriented Paradigm. In Kinshuk, Looi, C.-K., Sutinen, E., Sampson, D., Aedo, I., Uden, L. & K�hk�nen, E. (Eds.) Proceedings of the 4th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2004), August 30 - September 1, 2004, Joensuu, Finland: IEEE Computer Society Press, 681-683.