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Human-Computer Interaction Design

Fernando Loizides

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Blog: http://fernandoloizides.com/wp/

www: http://fernandoloizides.com


Research Assistant


Fernando Loizides joined the Centre for HCI design at the end of 2009. While finishing his PhD, he works as a research assistant exploring Document Triage and Human Computer Interaction in Information Seeking. He holds a B.SC in Computer Science and an M.Res in Computer Science and Future Interaction Technologies from Swansea University. His research interests include Digital Libraries, Information Seeking, Human Computer Interaction, interfaces and Database Systems. Apart from academic experience he has also freelanced as a software developer for several industrial projects, given talks and presentations to both academia and industry and taken a leadership role in team projects and collaborative work.

Research interests


Key publications

  • Performing Document Triage on Small Screen Devices. Part 1: Structured Documents ( Information Interaction in Context, 2010 ).
  • Supporting Early Document Navigation with Semantic Zooming (Tom Owen, George Buchanan, Parisa Eslambolchilar, Fernando Loizides - International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries, 2010).
  • An Empirical Study of User Navigation During Document Triage (Fernando Loizides, George Buchanan - European Conference in Digital Libraries, 2009).
  • Hear it is: Enhancing Rapid Document Browsing with Sound Cues (Parisa Eslambolchilar, George Buchanan, Fernando Loizides - European Conference in Digital Libraries, 2009).
  • What Patrons Want: Supporting Interaction for Novice Information Seeking Scholars (Fernando Loizides, George Buchanan - Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, 2009).
  • Investigating and Assisting Interactive Document Triage in Electronic Environments (European Conference in Digital Libraries, 2009, Doctoral Consortium).
  • Get them while they're Young: Introducing, Promoting and Training in HCI to Novices (Fernando Loizides, Lloyd Williams and George Buchanan - Workshop Interact 2009).
  • The Myth of Find: User Behaviour and Attitudes Towards the Basic Search Feature (Fernando Loizides, George Buchanan - Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, 2008).
  • Investigating Document Triage on Paper and Electronic Media. (George Buchanan, Fernando Loizides - European Conference in Digital Libraries, 2007).