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Human-Computer Interaction Design

Alwin de Rooij

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Email: alwinderooij@city.ac.uk

Portfolio: http://www.alwinderooij.com


PhD Research Student


Alwin joined the Centre in October 2012. He is a transdisciplinary researcher who investigates what happens when human biology and artificial systems meet. Recent work includes research into the role of abstraction and metaphor in the design of sociable robots. Currently, his main focus is on the development of the new field of affective creativity support, which aims to create new technologies that utilize the relationship between emotion and creativity to help people get the most out of their own creative capabilities.

Alwin received an MSc degree with distinction in Media Technology from Leiden University, and a BFA from the interfaculty ArtScience of The Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, NL. His work has been published in the field of affective and interactive systems, and has been shown at venues such as V2_, Discovery Festival, and Todays Art.

You can find out more about Alwin's work at http://www.alwinderooij.com


  • De Rooij, A. (2014). Toward affect regulation via embodied interaction. To appear in Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, Februari 26-29 2014, Haifa, Israel.
  • De Rooij, A., Broekens, J., & Lamers, M. H. (2013). Abstract Expressions of Affect. International Journal of Synthetic Emotions, 4(1), 1-31. PDF