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Human-Computer Interaction Design

Adrian Bussone

Contact details Portrait image of Adrian Bussone

Email: adrian.bussone.1@city.ac.uk

Room: A211

Twitter: @Adrian_Bee


PhD Research Student


Before joining City, I worked in industry researching and designing for medical and healthcare products. I’ve spent hundreds of hours conducting field observations and simulated-use evaluations, and just as many hours running clinical studies for submission to the FDA. I joined City in 2013 as a Masters student in the Human-Centred Systems programme. Following the Masters, I was awarded a Studentship Award from the university, which has allowed me to pursue a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction Design.

My research is focused on improving the lives of people living with chronic conditions. More specifically, I study how people living with HIV can self-manage and self-monitor their health by tracking their personal health information. To read more about my topic, check out an interview with me published in the Guardian.


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Brown, D., Waugh, S., Bussone, A., and Stumpf, S., 2017, April. Evaluation of BeYou+, an mHealth application to support self-management strategies for people living with HIV. In Proceedings of the British HIV Association (BHIVA).

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