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Human-Computer Interaction Design

Call for participation

Systems that learn from or personalize themselves to users are quickly becoming mainstream yet interaction with these systems presents many challenges for the end user. This workshop focuses on how to make these systems transparent, controllable, and ultimately trustworthy to end users. The aims of the workshop are to help establish connections among academic and industrial researchers bringing real-world problems to the table and to facilitate the exchange of approaches and solutions that could better support end users.

We seek two types of position papers: 

1. Research participants (from academia or industry) should send a position paper of 2-4 pages to Simone Stumpf describing your research interest and background in this area.

2. Participants able to bring a real-world or industrial perspective should describe their own users' needs in the area of end-user interactions with intelligent and autonomous systems, and their own background related to this area. Please send a minimum of a 1-page outline (up to 4 pages) to Simone Stumpf.

Selection criteria will include participants' backgrounds and interests, quality of the work described in the position papers, achieving a spectrum of interesting perspectives, and achieving an appropriate balance between industry and academia. Each accepted paper's author group will receive at least one invitation to participate. All invited workshop participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the main conference.

Important Dates:

23 January 2012: Position papers due

10 February 2012: Notification of acceptance

6 May 2012: Workshop