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Human-Computer Interaction Design

User Experience consultancy

We have expertise on designing and developing systems involving people and technology focusing on the user experience (UX), usability and interaction design. Well-designed user interfaces can enhance customer satisfaction, improve sales, reduce staff training costs, and reduce your development costs. We can support you in designing, developing and evaluating systems throughout your project. We can work with you to develop a usability strategy, conduct user research to establish needs and requirements, specify the information architecture and prototype designs. We also can carry out usability evaluations, with a special expertise in accessibility evaluations. With around 10% of the population having some form of disability, creating accessible user interfaces is not only ethical but also makes good business sense.

  • Our Centre staff have expertise in innovative technologies in healthcare and therapy, AI systems, and information systems - we are happy to discuss your needs!
  • The City Interaction Lab offers consultancy to companies of all sizes.  We have a state-of-the-art usability lab available for hire as well as specialist equipment, such as eye-tracking.
  • The StartUX programme supports London-based SMEs offering Digital Technology to achieve great user experience.