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Nadine Zwiener



PhD Topic

The Resource Model Revisited – Investigating the Link between Work and Political Involvement of Women in Europe


2014 – now: PhD Sociology (City, University of London)
2013 – 2014: MSc Political Sociology (London School of Economics)
2010 – 2013: BA (hons) Social Sciences (Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf)

The Study

Nadine’s research project aims to investigate the links between work and political involvement of women in Europe. Building upon the theoretical framework of Brady et al.’s (1995) resource model of political participation, this research has two main objectives. Firstly, it intends to explore and compare how gender inequalities in work-related political resources contribute to the gender gap in political participation in different European countries. Secondly, it will theorise and assess how such links depend on the countries’ political and economic contexts. The project draws on recent data from the European Social Survey and will employ various analytical techniques, such as Multilevel Analysis and Cluster Analysis.


Dr Eric Harrison
Dr Vanessa Gash

Research Interests

Political participation (especially of women)
Gender and politics
Political interest
Symbolic representation of women
Gender inequalities in work and employment
Quantitative social science research methods
Comparative social research
Multilevel analysis


(2016): 'The Reproduction of Gender Inequalities in Work and Employment in Political Participation in Europe – The Role of Labour Market Characteristics and the Welfare State'. Paper presented at the doctoral event of the Work, Employment and Society Conference 2016 Leeds, September 5 - 8.

(2016): 'The Link between Gender Inequalities in Work and Employment and Gendered Patterns of Political Participation in Europe'. Paper presented at the ECPR Graduate Conference Tartu, July 10 - 13.

(2016) (with Maike Rump): '"They Do What They Want Anyway..." - The Interaction of (Perceived) Corruption and Social Deprivation on External Political Efficacy'. Paper presented at the 24th World Congress of Political Science Poznan, July 23 - 28.

(2015): The Link Between Political Representation And Political Interest Of Women. Evidence from 42 European Countries. Paper presented at the ECPG Uppsala, June 11-13.

(with Rima Saini) (2015): Teaching Quantitative Methods. A Q-Step Perspective. Presentation given at the Inaugural Postgraduate Q-Step Network Conference, Cardiff, October 19.