Financial Economics

Financial Economics Research Group

The group's research covers a number of areas in Financial Economics including Financial Econometrics, Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Financial Macroeconomics, Financial Stability, Market Microstructure, Real Options Analysis, Financial Mathematics and Computational Finance (Agent Based Modelling). The group has produced over 30 outputs in leading international journals and attracted over £500,000 in research funding since 2008. The group is also involved in the running of the MSc in Financial Economics.


PhD students


Asena Temizsoy (Supervisors: G. Iori, G. Montes-Rojas)


February 2014 - Polina Kovaleva (Mainsupervisor: G. Iori  Co-supervisor: L. Delaney). Thesis: ‘Trading in electronic markets: The challenges of imperfect liquidity andreduced pre-trade transparency'.

July 2013 - Burcu Kaspar (Main supervisor: J. Olmo Co-supervisor: G. Iori). Thesis: 'The Effects of 2007/2008 Crisis on the CDS and Interbank Markets: Empirical Investigations'.

February 2011 - Vanessa Mattiussi (Supervisor: G. Iori). Thesis: 'Nonparametric Estimation of High-Frequency Volatility and Correlation Dynamics'.


2012-14 - Modelling Volatility with High-Frequency Financial Data: A New Approach. Awarded to Yang Zu. City University Pump-Priming Fund, £6,700.

2011-14 - Complexity based Research Initiative on Systematic Instabilities (CRISIS). Awarded to G. Iori (PI), S. Jafarey, A. Banal-Estañol. EU FP7-ICT €283,197.

2010-13 - Forecasting Financial Crises (FOC-II). Awarded to G. Iori (PI), S. Jafarey, A. Banal-Estañol. EU FP7-ICT €304,500.

2008 - Large Scale Correlation Analysis of Financial Data: Anomalous Diffusion and Continuous Time Random Walks. Awarded to G. Iori (PI). British Council, £3,940.



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Working papers

L. Delaney, Valuing Voluntary Disclosure with Competitive Interactions using a Real Options Approach.

L. Delaney, T. Gabrielli, Valuing a Real Estate Project with Uncertain Costs and Market Incompleteness.

L. Delaney, J.J.J Thiijssen, The Impact of Voluntary Disclosure on a Firm's Investment Policy.

G. Gabbi, G. Germano, V. Hatzopoulos, G. Iori, M. Politi, Market microstructure, banks' behaviour and interbank spreads.

V. Hatzopoulos, G. Iori, Information theoretic description of the e-Mid interbank market: implications for systemic risk.

V. Hatzopoulos, G. Iori, The topology of the e-Mid interbank market during the sub-prime crisis: implications for financial stability.

G. Iori, S. Lillywhite, M.O. Souza, J. Zubelli, Pricing Optionalities in Rig Lease Contracts.

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A. Temisov, G. Iori, G. Montes-Rojas, The role of relationship lending on credit spreads in the e-Mid market.

Y. Zu, Nonparametric Specification Tests for Stochastic Volatility Models based on Volatility Density.

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Y. Zu, P. Bowijk, Nonparametric Specification Tests for Stochastic Volatility Models based on Return Distributions.