Development, Trade and Migration

Development, Trade and Migration Research Group

Researchers in the Development, Trade and Migration group study how individuals, firms, bodies from the civil society and governments adjust to globalisation.

Their work considers how those groups respond to their environment to improve economic and human development, for example through investing in human capital, migrating to foreign countries, exporting their production or creating firms.


PhD students

NhuY NguyenHuyhn

  • Title: The economic impact of high-skilled immigration
  • Supervisors: Alice Mesnard, Firat Yaman

Miriama Kamara

  • Supervisors: Dgmara Celik, Alice Mesnard

Past PhD students

Azar Sultanov, 2021,

  • Title: The Impact of Immigration on Public Debt: A Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis,
  • Supervisors: Prof M. Ben-Gad and Prof J. Pearlman.
  • First Placement: UNDP and International Monetary Fund

Yi Mu2022

  • Title: Essays on policy evaluation: assessing policy impact on physical and mental well-being among vulnerable populations using quasi-experimental methods.”

Ekaterina Bordea2019

  • Title: Essays on the effect of immigration and assimilation on immigrants’ health and health behaviours: evidence from the United Kingdom and Russian Federation

Joseph Kamara2015

  • Title: Essays on willingness and ability to pay for health insurance

Alina Velias2021

  • Title: Essays in Behavioural and Experimental Economics


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