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Culture and the Creative Industries

Staff research interests

  • Dr Ana Gaio: The process of policy formation (cultural policy); the management of small (nonprofit) creative/cultural organisations, especially in relation to orgaisation capacity, resilience and similar; strategy in nonprofit creative/cultural organisations; people management
  • Professor Rosalind Gill: Gender; media; cultural and creative work; inequalities; sexuality; sexualisation; intimacy; academia; postfeminism; neoliberalism
  • Professor Jo Littler: Cultural politics and power, cultural studies, celebrity, consumer culture, heritage, meritocracy
  • Professor Andy Pratt: The analysis of the cultural industries in urban, national and international contexts, and local and strategic policies; the social and economic dynamics of urbanisation of cultural activities, social embedding and cultural work; the organisation of the film, music, advertising, computer games, and fashion industries; the conceptualisation, definition and measurement of employment in the cultural, or creative, industries; innovation processes
  • Dr Marisol Sandoval: Political economy of global culture industries, cultural labour, critical theory of media and communication, social media, alternative media, consumer culture, ethics and social responsibility in the cultural sector
  • Dr Jenny Mbaye: Urban culture, music economy, cultural entrepreneurship, youth and popular cultures, cultural labour and creative work, cultural development and social transformation, transnational cultural production and consumption, local and international cultural policy, African contexts, Global South
  • Dr Diana Yeh: Race and racisms, migration, diaspora, global youth culture, identity and belonging, inequality and exclusions, British Chinese and East Asian cultural politics