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Culture and the Creative Industries

Current CCI Research students

Charlotte Bonham-Carter Instrumental Cultural Policy, Social Objectives and the Governance of Contemporary Visual Arts Organisations
Ulrike Chouguley Behind the scenes of world cities' cultural show: exploring the role of informal cultural practices in London and Mumbai
Yvonne Ehrstein The Postfeminist Reconciliation Challenge: Representations and Lived Experiences of Maternal Femininities on Mumsnet.com
Joanna Figiel Unpaid work, precarity, and policy within the creative and cultural sectors
Emma Jones Artistic practice in London: living and creating
Olga Sorzano Cultural Value:A Comparative Perspective in Valuations of Circus Arts in Colombia and the UK
Kathy Williams An Archaeology of Cultural Work on London's Southbank
Jiun Yi Wu Clustering of cultural industries in Taiwan
Matías Muñoz Hernandez Collaborative Funding Mechanisms for the Arts Sector in Chile and the Global South
Xintong JiaThe Reproduction of Gender Inequality in the Age of Postfeminism: Exploring the sexualised female figures in China

Recently completed CCI Research Students

Z. Feyza Akinerdem Family in Representation: The Case of Marriage Shows in Turkey
Patricia Bueno Delgado Towards a Professional Learning Dialogue in Mexican Contemporary Art Museums - 2014
Zeena Feldman Articulating Belonging Online: Couchsurfing.org, Social Media and the Power of Passion-based Social Networking Technology
Ana Gaio Policy formation in the European Community - the case of culture
Laura García Favaro Transnational Technologies of Gender and Mediated Intimacy
Katerina Karavida The Thessaloniki Biennale: The agendas and alternative potential(s) of a newly-founded biennial in the context of Greek governance
Aysegul Kesimoglu Taste and Modernity: A case study of food, culture and identity in Istanbul
Kate Mattocks Intergovernmental policy coordination in European Union cultural policy: the Open Method of Coordination and the 2011-2014 Work Plan for Culture
Irida Ntalla The Interactive Museum Experience: Investigating the experiential tendency and audience focus in two museum exhibitions
Penelope Plaza The power of oil and the construction of public space in Caracas in Bolivarian Venezuela (1999-2012)
Oluwatoyin Sogbesan The Potentials of Digital Representation: The changing meaning of the Ife Bronzes from pre-colonial Ife to post-colonial digitisation in the British Museum
Thomas Whittaker Community engagement in public art: An examination of public art policies in East London
Jou-an ChenThe Flow of Fashion Designers between London, Shanghai and Taipei