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Previous Crime, Justice and Society seminars
DateSpeaker and Title
18 June 2015The Case of Amanda Knox: The News Media and the Italian Criminal Justice System
Dr Riccardo Montana, The City Law School and Professor Eugene McLaughlin, City University London
25 March 2015Against inclusion: globalisation, neoliberal capitalism and state policies of border control
Dr Leonidas Cheliotis,
Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics
4 March 2015Foiled comparisons? Learning from Italian Juvenile justice
Professor David Nelken, The Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London
25 February 2015The Age of Prevention. Crime and Crime Prevention in the Global Era
Dr Lorenzo Pasculli, University of Padua
26 November 2014The spiral effect of the law. immigration law and practice in Russia
Dr Agniezka Kubal, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford
22 October 2014

Institutional racism and the law in Germany
Dr des Eddie Bruce-Jones, Birkbeck University of London

25 June 2014Fair trial rights in the Netherlands: European influence versus national (constitutional) law
Dr B J G Leeuw, University of Leiden, Law School
12 June 2014From Photo to File: Law Enforcement Recording Media and their Governance through Privacy
Jake Goldenfein, University of Melbourne
26 May 2014Corporate states of exception
Dr David Whyte, University of Liverpool, Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology
12 February 2014Legitimating graffiti? On the intersections of art, law and public space
Professor Alison Young, The University of Melbourne, Criminology and Visiting Professor, The City Law School
29 January 2014A tale of two riots: surveying the legal aftermath of London's 2011 riots and Occupy London Stock Exchange
Dr Sarah Lamble, Birkbeck College, School of Law
27 November 2013Domination, privacy and the intrusive state
Andrew Roberts, The University of Melbourne Law School
26 June 2013Extreme pornography and prosecution practice
Alex K Antoniou, The City Law School
22 May 2013Unbecoming jurors and unreasoned verdicts: realising integrity in the jury room
Professor John Jackson, The University of Nottingham
24 April 2013Prosecutors in trans-national perspective
Dr Marianne Wade, University of Birmingham
27 March 2013Trust in the police: Implications for public compliance with the law
Dr Katrin Hohl, Department of Sociology, City University London
27 February 2013The privilege against self-incrimination and criminal justice
Professor Andrew Choo, The City Law School
7 February 2013Criminalisation as a last resort? Reassessing the principle of ultimum remedium
Dr Jannemieke W. Ouwerkerk, Tilburg Law School
10 February 2016