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Competition and Regulatory Policy

Working papers

Please also visit the personal web pages of our Centre members as well as the series of discussion papers at the department of Economics at City, University of London.

A selection of policy papers is also available below.

Rasheed Saleuddin & Jon Stern: Towards an assessment of the benefits of unlimited liability structures in international banking: The case of Berenberg

Jon Stern: Competition, Economic Regulation and Affordability in Infrastructure Industries: An Economic History 1840-1980 (pdf)

Jon Stern: Competition and Economic Regulation in Infrastructure Industries: Lessons from Economic history and Current UK Debates (pdf)

Xeni Dassiou, Peter Langham, Charles Nancarrow, Alex Scharaschkin & Dan Ward: Public Service Markets: Their Economics, Oversight and Regulation.

Jon Stern: The Use of Competition Powers by Regulators - The Origins, Experience and Potential Future of the UK's Concurrency Arrangements. (pdf)

Jon Stern: Past and Potential Roles of Electricity System Operators: From Liberalisation to Climate Change Management in Britain. (pdf)

Jonathan Mirrlees-Black: Reflections on RPI-X regulation in OECD countries

Chris Bolt: UK experience of utility regulation since 2003 and outlook

Jon Stern: The British utility regulation model: Its recent history and future prospects

Jon Stern: The role of the regulatory asset base as an instrument of regulatory commitment

Jon Stern: Econometric benchmarking and its uses by ORR: a review

Martin Cave & Jon Stern: Economics and the development of system operators in infrastructure industries

Jon Stern & Jonathan Mirrlees-Black: A framework for valuing water in England and Wales from 2015 onwards (pdf)

Jon Stern: System operators: Lessons from US and EU energy industry experience and implications for the England and Wales water industry (pdf)

Jon Stern: Developing upstream competition in the England and Wales water supply industry: A new approach. (pdf)

Jon Stern: The Evaluation of Regulatory Agencies. (pdf)

Jon Stern: The Regulatory & Institutional dimension of infrastructure services. (pdf)

Jon Stern: The Regulatory & Institutional dimension of infrastructure services. (pdf)

Jon Stern: The Relationship between Regulation and Contracts in Infrastructure Industries. (pdf)

Jon Stern: Introducing competition into England and Wales water industry - Lessons from UK and EU energy market liberalisation. (pdf)

Xeni Dassiou & Jon Stern: Infrastructure Contracts: Trust & Institutional Updating. (pdf)

Jon Stern: Infrastructure Regulatory Institutions and their Impact: Papers from CCRP Workshop 2006. (pdf)

Maria Manuela Gonzalez & Lourdes Trujillo: Efficiency Measurement in the Port Industry: A Survey of the Empirical Evidence. (pdf)

Beatriz Tovar, Sergio Jara-Diaz & Lourdes Trujillo: Econometric Estimation of Scale and Scope Economies within the Port Sector: A Review. (pdf)

Antonio Estache, Marianela Gonzalez & Lourdes Trujillo: Government Expenditures on Education, Health and Infrastructure: A Naive Look at Levels, Outcomes and Efficiency. (pdf)

Federica Maiorano & Jon Stern: Institutions and Infrastructure Investment in Low and Middle-Income Countries: The case of Mobile Communications. (pdf)

Antonio Estache, Ana Goicoechea & Lourdes Trujillo: Utilities Reforms and Corruption in Developing Countries. (pdf)

Jon Stern: Capital Efficiency and Infrastructure Regulation: Editorial Introduction. (pdf)

Lourdes Trujillo & Beatriz Tovar: The European Port Industry: An Analysis of its Economic Efficiency. (pdf)

Jon Stern: Evaluating Infrastructure Regulators ~ Developing UK and International Practice. (pdf)

Policy papers

Jon Stern: UK Renewables Demonstration Projects: Who Pulls the Plug? 2014 (pdf)

Jon Stern & Mirrlees-Black: Valuing water in England and Wales in the medium and long term, 2011 (pdf)

Jon Stern: Competition and Trade Proposals for the UK Water Industry, 2011 (pdf)

Jon Stern: BIS Consultation: Principles for Economic Regulation, 2011 (pdf)

Jon Cubbin: What is Competition Policy For? (pdf)

Jon Stern: House of Lords Select Committee on Regulators 2007 (pdf)