Centre for Competition and Regulatory Policy
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Competition and Regulatory Policy

Who we are

Based at the Department of Economics in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at City University London, the Centre involves academics from institutions in the UK and overseas, as well as professional consultants.

Founding and organising members

Other academic staff members


  • Dr Javier Asensio (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
  • Ms Federica Maiorano (OECD , Competition Division)
  • Dr Olivier Massol (Centre for Economics and Management, IFP School, Rueil-Malmaison, France)
  • Dr Helen Weeds (Charles Rivers Associates)
  • Dr Jonathan Mirrlees-Black (Senior Advisor and Member of the Investment Advisory Board, RARE Infrastructure, Sydney, Australia)


Research students - completed

  • William Gboney, 2009 (John Cubbin, Xeni Dassiou)
  • Federica Maiorano, 2009 (John Cubbin, Xeni Dassiou)
  • Cornelia Lawson, 2011 (Mireia Jofre-Bonet, Albert Banal-Estanol)
  • Olivier Massol, 2013 (Albert Banal-Estanol, Xeni Dassiou)
  • Domile Butkevicute 2017 (Xeni Dassiou)