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International Policy

Foreign Policy Analysis

Diplomacy and foreign policy are central features of international politics. They capture our imagination and their conduct affects our lives through their impact on war, peace, the global economy, human rights, international law, global institutions, and the norms that govern relations between states.

The Foreign Policy Analysis cluster at CIPS seeks to provide an academic platform for rigorous research, exchange, and deliberation on the theoretical and empirical aspects of foreign policy.

Located within the Department of International Politics, which hosts expertise in International Political Economy and International Social Justice, the cluster promotes an integrative research-led agenda of this fundamental aspect of international politics. It also encourages exchange with policy-makers with the aim of establishing a critical understanding of the opportunities and challenges entailed by the academic-practitioner cooperation.

Recent and forthcoming activities

The roles of religion in foreign policy is the title of a project that Dr Sara Silvestri (City) and her research partner Professor Peter Mandaville (George Mason University) jointly coordinated in the course of 2014. Co-sponsored by their respective institutions and by a British Council grant, and involving the support of DFID and the FCO, the project produced a series of closed-doors and public engagement meetings at Wilton Park, Chatham House, and Brookings Institution. It also led to a collaboration with the UN Population Fund for a consultation on Religion and Development Post-2015, whose results were published in a UNFPA report in September 2014.