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Biomedical Engineering

Non Invasive monitoring of Blood pressure utilizing the photoplethysmograph

Project Details

Principal Investigators:  Prof P Kyriacou (City University London); Prof R T Villa (Escuela de Ingenier√≠a de Antioquia, Colombia)

Researcher:  Mr B Escobar

Funding:  Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Newton Fund

Project Description

A novel technique for continuous noninvasive BP estimation based on the pulse transit time (PTT) has raised the attention of the research community over the last 10 years due to its suitability and convenience for either ambulatory or clinical implementation. PTT is defined as the time interval that takes the pulse wave to reach a specific point in the periphery from its onset on the left ventricle in the same cardiac cycle. The theoretical framework that outlines the relationship between PTT and BP is well-known by the Moens-Korteweg equation, which connects the pulse wave velocity with dimensions of the vessel and the distensibility of the vessel wall. Despite the good results achieved on this direction, nowadays there is no device capable of continuously and noninvasively tracking blood pressure in a reliable way by means of the PTT technique. This project will design and experimental evaluate a new robust, repeatable, reliable and non-invasive PTT detection is system used for the estimation of blood pressure non-invasively