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Biomedical Engineering

Improved Healing by combining Optical and Electrical Stimulation of Nerves (HOpES)

Project Details

Principal Investigator:  Dr I. Triantis

Researcher:  Dr E. Rahman

Funding:  EPSRC

Project Description

The aim of this project is to develop a peripheral nerve stimulation method that will activate either exclusively sensory or exclusively motor neural pathways, using combined electrical and optical stimuli. The motive is to replace present stimulation techniques - which activate simultaneously sensory and motor nerve signals - with the proposed method, in order to eliminate related side-effects thus eventually allowing for its wider use in mainstream clinical practice. The project has an experimental and a simulation stage. In-vitro experiments will be carried out on sciatic nerves of Xenopus Laevis amphibians and modelling of light-tissue interaction will be carried out in Matlab and COMSOL.