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Biomedical Engineering

Development of a digital wearable multiwavelength photoplethysmograhic (PPG) system for the Investigation of muscle perfusion

Project Details

Principal Investigator:  Prof P A Kyriacou

Researcher:  Mr M Razban

Project Description

Muscle perfusion is the process by which the body delivers blood to the muscles. Blood flow to a very active muscle depends on the intensity and the rate of contractions and the level of exercising. Therefore it is important to be able to monitor muscle perfusion for both environments, clinical and pathology and sports. The project focuses on development and evaluation of a fully digital wearable multi-wavelength PPG research system that utilises red and infrared lights to continuously monitor muscle perfusion. The device can be used in conjunction with other commercial devices like NIRS, Laser Doppler and EMG to provide a comprehensive electrophysiological and perfusion profile of specific muscles in cases of various muscle pathologies (muscular dystrophy, atrophy or degeneration of muscles due to stroke or other diseases) or used in the further understanding of muscle activity in high performance athletes, especially in the identification of optimal training intensity zones.