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Biomedical Engineering

Development and evaluation of the 'Sensing ET Tube' for multi-parameter monitoring

Project Details

Co-Investigator:  Prof P Kyriacou

Researcher:  Dr J May

Funding:  Barts and The London Charity

Project Description

The 'Sensing ET Tube' is a device developed at City University London to replace the standard endotracheal (ET) tube used in anaesthesia and in ventilated intensive care patients and provide key vital signs monitoring using optoelectronic sensors. Continuous monitoring of patients' arterial oxygen saturation is essential during surgery, however pulse oximeters often misread or fail altogether as a result of peripheral vasoconstriction, hypotension or hypovolaemia. The proposed device will allow continuous measurement of oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiratory rate from a single internal site, and will reduce the number of surface sensors placed on the skin and the number of electrical connections to the patient. The researchers have already developed similar sensor technology in the oesophagus and other internal locations. A pilot clinical evaluation of the device will be completed in anaesthetised patients undergoing surgery. The project should also lead to further development of a multi-sensor tracheal platform for comprehensive anaesthesia and intensive care monitoring.