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Biomedical Engineering

Development and assessment of a novel intra-luminal sensor for monitoring intestinal viability in colorectal cancer surgery

Project Details

Principal Investigator:  Prof P A Kyriacou

Co-Investigator:  Mr M A Thaha (National Centre for Bowel Research & Surgical Innovation (NCBRSI))

Researcher:  Miss Z Patel

Funding:  City University London

Project Description

Prevention and early identification of anastomotic complication is an indispensable prerequisite in gastro-intestinal (GI) surgery. Currently, there is no simple-to-use monitoring tool in routine clinical practice that can dynamically assess intestinal viability. We propose a joint experimental and clinical programme for developing a reliable and intuitive technology that can quantitatively evaluate intestinal viability in GI surgery. The developed technology will have the specific potential to monitor bowel perfusion across an intestinal anastomosis predicting its successful healing, and is built upon a recently developed novel extra-luminal sensor. Eventual adoption in routine clinical practice could thereby enhance clinical outcomes in bowel cancer patients, trauma patients, and critically ill patients.