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Profile page of Ms. Nystha Baishya

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Multi-parametric optical sensing for monitoring haemodynamic shock - Current


Nystha obtained her Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics at Manipal Institute of Technology, India in 2012. She then worked for Mahindra & Mahindra, an automotive giant, in India for a year as an automation engineer. After that she went to Italy to continue her studies at Politecnico di Milano where she received her Master of Science in Materials Engineering & Nanotechnology. She then went back to India and worked in Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati for a year in the field of Organic Electronics in biosensing applications. Since October 2017, she has been enrolled for a full time PhD at the Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering at City, University of London. Her research focuses on Spectroscopic studies for monitoring parameters in haemodynamic shock.