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Profile page of Mr Mario Bejarano

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Main Project(s)

Research of the relationship between blood flow and the change of impedance at the extreme of the limbs in healthy volunteers using non-invasive bioelectric impedance


Mario Bejarano is an Electronics Engineer (BEng Electronics, 2006) from Universidad Santo Tomás de Bogotá. He’s got a MSc in Clinical Engineering with Healthcare Technology management (2011) where he graduated with distinction. He’s got nearly 10 years of working experience in government healthcare providers such as King’s College Hospital and Royal London Hospital in the UK, Queensland Health in Australia and information technology companies such as IBM and SIEMENS in Colombia.

As a researcher, he joined the Research Centre of Biomedical Engineering in 2013 thanks to a Doctoral studentship awarded by the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering (SMCSE).  He is working on the development of a device capable of quantifying blood flow in the upper limbs using electrical impedance technology.