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Profile page of Mr. Georgios Menikou

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Main Project(s)

Design of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible phantoms for research in the area of focused ultrasound.


Georgios Menikou received his BSc in Physics with Technological Physics (2003) and his MSc in Medical Physics (2005)  both from the University of Manchester. He is working as full-time Medical Physicist for the Ministry of Health in Cyprus and since 2013 he is registered as a part-time external PhD focusing in the area of therapeutic ultrasound. His research project involves developing phantoms of tissue mimicking materials (TMMs) for testing thermal protocols induced by focused ultrasound while monitoring the procedure with magnetic resonance imaging. The majority of his work involves testing the functionality of the fabricated phantoms under different setups and configurations and assessing evolved temperature distributions with a custom coded MR thermometry analysis software.