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Profile page of Mr Meysam Razban

Contact information


Main Project(s)

Development of a digital wearable multiwavelength photoplethysmograhic (PPG) system for the Investigation of muscle oxygenation


Meysam is currently a Fulltime Ph.D. student at City university London. He has received his MSc from Imperial College London in Biomedical Engineering following medical physics stream in 2014 after completing a BEng Biomedical Engineering degree at city university with first class honor In 2013. Meysam's research focuses on Design and Development of a digital wearable multiwavelength sensor for investigation of skin/body hydration in real-time. Maintaining hydration levels preserves skin integrity and prevents tissue damage and infection. The purpose of this project is to develop a skin hydration measurement probe based on the principles of NIRS, to provide a better alternative to current portable devices..