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Biomedical Engineering

Modelling of light tissue interactions

Principal investigators

Dr J. Phillips

Professor P. A. Kyriacou


Ms S. Chatterjee

Project overview

Presently, a wide range of clinical detection and monitoring techniques rely on optical methodologies. Light reflected/transmitted/re-emitted from biological tissues carry significant information about the morphology and fundamental properties of the associated tissue type. The ease of extraction and quantification of such information from recorded light intensity makes optical methods the most popular one in the field of non-invasive clinical monitoring. However, there is still lack of knowledge of understanding how light path is modulated within different tissue media. The main goal of this project is to enhance knowledge in the field of light-tissue interaction. More specifically, the investigation is focused to model light propagation within tissue computationally as well as experimentally and observe how the optical path changes with different tissue-combinations, addition of inhomogeneity and structural complexities, pulsatile flow and different non-invasive detection geometry.