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Biomedical Engineering

Development of an electronic personalised medical record card

Principle investigators

Professor P. A. Kyriacou

Dr A. Woodcock, Coventry University


Dr V. Rybynok

Dr J. Binnersley

Project overview

The concept of patient held health care records is not a new one. It is recognized that medical and health care professionals and the public may derive benefits from a system which enables some medical records to be kept with and updated by the patient, or potential patient. Such information may relate to life long illness and disability (such as diabetes, asthma or autism) or current drug regimes. Where records are kept with the patient, in cases of sudden illness or accident, paramedics can identify the patient, gain a picture of chronic and acute conditions, ascertain where any complications may arise, and contact the immediate family. This increases the quality of service in terms of both the efficiency and safety of the treatment. This research will focus on developing prototype designs (such as cards, identity bracelets or chips) based on an understanding of the needs and requirements of the UK public and health providers. Therefore, the research will inform NHS, national and EU policy. Firstly, the research will have a significant impact in terms of increasing awareness within the research community, including the NHS, of current attitudes towards patient held records. Secondly, through the dissemination activities, the research will increase awareness and debate of the benefits of patient held records in terms of ownership and responsibility, efficiency and safety. However the main beneficiaries will be the general public, health and medical care professionals and technology providers.