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City University and Civil Aviation Authority Study

Minimum Colour Vision Requirements for Professional Flight Crew - Recommendations for new colour vision standards.

This study was undertaken due to the lack of reliable, standardised tests and the absence of information on minimum colour vision requirements that are specific to professional flight crew.

Flight deck

The study was done in three parts, with the third phase co-sponsored by the FAA. Part One assessed whether current colour vision tests are still appropriate for modern aviation. Part Two looked at the colour vision demands on flight crew when operating modern planes. Part Three has produced the minimum colour vision requirements for modern flight crew and optimised the Colour Assessment and Diagnosis (CAD) test for use in aviation. The CAD test provides an accurate assessment of the applicant’s colour vision and the pass/fail limits established in the study allow 35% of applicants with congenital colour deficiency to work as flight crew. Those that pass are no longer discriminated against on the basis of their congenital colour deficiency since the study carried out shows that these applicants can carry out the most demanding, colour-related tasks with the same accuracy as people with normal colour vision.

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