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Aeronautics and Aerospace Research Centre (A²RC)

Advanced Composites Research Focused Group (CRFG)

Advanced Composites Research Research Group is part of the Aeronautics & Aerospace Research Centre in the School of Science and Technology at City, University of London based in Northampton Square in London, UK.

The research group is focused on multi-disciplinary research, innovation and enterprise activities mapped across different technology readiness levels (TRL1-6), multi-material and multi-scale pioneering approaches for design, manufacturing, joining, sensing and structural integrity assessment of advanced and futuristic polymer composite materials and structures. The group is comprised of academic and research staffs, post-docs, students, lab technicians and industrial partners.



  • Development of an AI-driven approach for health monitoring of aerospace composite structures (supported by IMechE’s Astridge Research Scholarship for Aviation Safety and Airworthiness)
  • Contact-less Dielectric Process Monitoring of Composites Manufacturing (funded by EPSRC Future Composite Manufacturing Research Hub and Future Metrology Hub)
  • 3D Printing of Multimaterial Composite Systems
  • Augmented Reality Equipped Composites Condition Monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence based Aerospace Composite Design
  • Compressive Sensing-based Approaches for Vibration-Based Structural Health Monitoring using Low-Power Wireless Sensors
  • Energy-harvesting Enabled Inerter-based Vibration Absorbers for Power Generation and Motion Control of Structures
  • Material Efficient Design of Slender Structures Equipped with Vibration Control Devices
  • Production and characterisation of graphene oxide reinforced aluminium matrix composites, PhD project.
  • Modelling and Simulation of CNT/Al composites for analysis of geometrical characterization for enhancement of mechanical properties, PhD project.
  • Novel Assembly Design for Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite Joints in Aerospace Structures
  • Development of curved composite stringers by continuous press for aerospace applications
  • Composite Drag Sail Folding Booms for Space Applications
  • Design of Net-zero Energy Harvesting Transport Composite Structures
  • 3D printing of functional magnetic based meta materials for friction-less contact in space applications
  • Composites Sandwich Structures in Aerospace Applications
  • Recycling Composites for Re-using it in New Products
  • Design and 3D printing of Soft Tailorable Fastening Mechanisms for Fastening and Soft Gripping

Student posters

Funding resources:

  • IMechE’s Astridge Research Scholarship for Aviation Safety and Airworthiness
  • EC (Horizon 2020)
  • Industrial sponsors


We are seeking PhD students to join our group for the upcoming 2021 cohort. Please keep an eye on our future advertisements on and on our twitter page: @CompositesCity